This is Wonderland
I laugh out loud in rehearsals. Great actors playing great parts. Stories that take you inside the minds of characters caught in the complexities of our legal system. The dialogue is like a stream of consciousness. It’s comedy, it’s drama. It’s satire. It’s unexpected. How did I get so lucky? It’s a wonderful ride.

Directing this series is a challenge. We shoot in blocks – two or three episodes at a time. The casts are huge. The stories are complex and surprising. There is a lot of story packed into each hour. The direction has to be precise and lean. There is no time to take a shot you won’t use. Luckily we have a great crew, and the actors are unbelievably superb. The series is attracting incredible talent so every day is rich with discovery. It’s crazy some days, with an enormous cast delivering up more story in one hour than some series have in a season. It’s fast and twisted. It’s perceptive and provocative. The material has to be woven tightly or it will be wasted, trimmed away to fit the slot. That’s my job. Make it true, make it funny, make it fast and a joy to watch. The pace is unrelenting.

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Episodes: 106, 107, 108, 112, 113, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211