A Beachcombers' Christmas

The Beachcombers are back, and this time they’re wearing skates. In a made-for-TV Christmas special that promises some well-timed holiday entertainment and a fresh dose of havoc, the Beachcombers save Christmas by hitting the ice (in more ways than one) to play hockey against ex-pro star players.

"Dave Mcgonigal (Dave Thomas) and his daughter Donna (Deanna Milligan), are just barely keeping Molly’s reach running. Dave’s reputation as the town’s resident con-artist isn’t helping them either. With the end of December just around the corner, the town is desperately in need of funding, or Christmas may not come this year. In an effort to redeem his reputation and save Christmas for the town, Dave Mcgonigal comes up with a crazy idea.

The Beachcombers decide to hold a celebrity hockey match, with the local team vs. an ex-pro team. How will they hold their own against the hockey legends? Will they be able to save Christmas for Gibsons? The hilarious mishaps and turn of events that follow reaffirm why the CBC-TV series Beachcombers was a hit for 19 seasons.

Here are some interesting facts about the movie; A Beachcombers Christmas was filmed in the summer on the Sunshine Coast, most of the ex-pro hockey players had lines and had never acted before, and Jackson Davies plays right-wing for the Canucks Alumni team." (Canucks.com - The Insider)

Directors Guild of Canada 2005: nominated for DGC Team Award - Outstanding Team Achievement in a Family Television Movie/Mini-Series
Leo Awards 2005: Francoise Yip - nominated for Feature Length Drama: Best Supporting Performance by a Female
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