Suddenly Naked

Meet Jackie (Wendy Crewson). She is 39, beautiful, single, and a successful novelist... for the public. Having just been publicly humiliated and suffering from writer's block, it could only get better form here. That's when she meets 20 year old Patric - there's 19 years between them and the whole world is watching. Their love affair leads to the discovery of what really matters love and in life.

"Charming, witty - the latest from one of Canada's most prolific directors."

"Suddenly Naked is a low-budget production, which was shot in just 23 days. That's lots of angles within each day. My compliments to the director for a work well done under breakneck conditions and having produced a work that easily matches up with any large-scale Hollywood production - it's so full of life and convinced me of it´s closeness."
Jazz Radio

"Jackie York is a self-absorbed, sharped-tongued novelist, who gets her kicks by sleeping with literary groupies and smoking cartons of cigarettes. She is also one of the most memorable characters to grace Canadian cinema in ages.
...Witty and smart, Suddenly Naked is one of Wheeler's best."

"Mrs. Robinson was the original cougar, but The Graduate was told from the elated point of view of the younger man, and we weren't privy to the older woman's emotional life. That's where these films have a chance to explore something new. Suddenly Naked does attempt to examine what might be compelling about a younger man and, to its credit, it goes beyond the cliché belief that it's a matter of sexual potency."
The Toronto Star

"Women have given it [the film] really high marks and the men have been mixed. And it seems that middle-aged men in particular are not really enjoying it [laughs]. And I’ll let everybody else analyze what that means – but it’s almost amusing... I guess they don’t find the idea of older women and younger men a trend they want to continue. They don’t find that funny at all."
LA Weekly

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Six Genie 2002 nominations - Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Original Song ("Let You Go" and "Your Love" - Laura Doyle), won for Best Editing - Lara Mazur.
Four Leo Awards 2002 - Best Feature Length Drama, Best Direction in a Feature Length Drama, Best Picture Editing in a Feature Length Drama and Best Musical Score in a Feature Length Drama.
Featured at Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver and Maui Film Festivals.