Loyalties is a compelling film about the unlikely friendship between two women - Lily Sutton, an upperclass Englishwoman and Rosanne Ladouceur, a native woman who has been hired as housekeeper. Gradually they overcome barriers of race, class and nationality to forge a hardwon friendship. This drama explores the complexity of noble human traits, like loyalty and love, in conflict with a powerful argument for justice. Dr. David Sutton and his wife Lily have an argument that, unknown to them, is witnessed by their teenage son. The upshot is that they must move to a remote town in Alberta, Canada where no one knows them.

"Superb..." - David Armstrong, San Francisco Examiner

"A tight, neatly executed drama." - Variety

"As directed by Anne Wheeler, LOYALTIES is a beautifully produced, first-rate drama about relationships, commitment and the emotional upheavals that envelope modern life." - Amazon.com

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Créteil International Women's Film Festival 1987 - Grand Prix, Anne Wheeler

Genie Awards 1987: Best Achievement in Costume Design - Wendy Partridge
Genie Awards 1987 Nominations:
Best Achievement in Direction - Anne Wheeler
Best Motion Picture - Ronald Lillie, William Johnston
Best Original Screenplay - Sharon Riis
Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - Kenneth Welsh
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Tom Jackson
Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role - Tantoo Cardinal
Best Sound Editing

Portugal Film Fest, Best Actres, France, Critic's Choice, Quebec, Critic's Choice, North American Indian Film Fest, Best Film, Best Direction, Best Performance, A.M.P.I.A. Best Film, director performance, script. Participant in the Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Denver, Women in Film Fest. L.A. Montreal, Utah, Washington, Nevada and New Director Series, M.O.M.A., New York.