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Mail Order Bride
Director, 2008 TV Movie
Starring: Daphne Zuninga, Cam Bancroft, Tom Heaton

Living Out Loud
Director, 2008 TV Movie
Starring: Gail O’Grady, Michael Shanks, Babz Chula

Dancing Trees
Director, 2007 TV Movie
Starring: Kate Boland, Brooke Burns, Miranda Tapping, and Nic Lea

Me, Mom, Dad and Her
Director, 2007 TV Movie
Starring: Melora Hardin, Brittney Wilson, Paul McGillion

On Chestnut Street, Christmas
Director, 2006 TV Movie
Starring: Kristen Dalton, Robert Maloney

A Beachcombers' Christmas
Director, 2004 (MOW)
A small coastal town faced with a unhappy holiday, pulls together to bring ...

Director, Writer, 2002/2003 (MOW)
A small western town, known for it’s fine beef and annual rodeo, is overwhelmed by a virus...

The Investigation
Director, 2001/2002 (MOW)
Police investigation into the most horrific series of crimes committed against eleven children...

Edge Of Madness
Director, Writer, 2001 (Feature)
Psycho-drama set in the early west...

Suddenly Naked
Director, Exec. Producer, Script Consultant, 2000/2001 (Feature)
Urban comedy about a sexy cynical novelist who falls in love with a young quirky writer...

Marine Life
Director, 1990/1991 (Feature)
Contemporary drama based on Linda Svendsen’s book “Marine Life”, exploring the inter-relationships ...

Better than Chocolate
Director, Script Consultant,1998 (Feature)
Romantic Comedy of gender bending proportions set on the fringes of society...

The Sleep Room
Director, 1997 (Mini-series)
Based on a true story of secret CIA funded brainwashing experiments on psychiatric patients in the 50's...

Mother Trucker: The Diana Kilmury Story
Writer, Producer, 1996 (MOW)
An extraordinary Canadian truck driver fights to end the corruption in her union...

The War Between Us
Director, Script Editor, 1995 (Feature for TV)
During internment, a sophisticated Japanese Canadian family lives in a shack behind the...

Other Women’s Children
Director, 1994 (MOW)
Based on a novel by Perri Klass, about a seemingly successful doctor whose love for her family...

The Diviners
Director, 1991/1992 (MOW, 3 hrs special)
Based on the Margaret Lawrence novel of the same name centering on the life of Morag...

Angel Square
Director, Co-Writer, 1989/1990 (Feature)
Mystery Comedy Caper set at Christmas 1945. 14 year old Tommy turns detective, inspired by ...

Bye Bye Blues
Writer, Director, Producer, 1988/1989 (Feature)
Second World War - a mother of two whose husband is taken prisoner by the Japanese. To earn a living she joins...

Cowboys Don’t Cry
Writer, Director, Associate Producer, 1987/1988 (Feature)
A father and son struggle in the rodeo world...

Director, Co-Producer, 1987 (Feature)
An unlikely friendship between an English doctor's wife and a Native "nanny", set in the far North of Canada...


Short Drama and Episodic Television

Director, two episodes
Contemporary comedy/drama set in a popular restaurant, where the owner is away...

This Is Wonderland
Director, ten episodes
Set in the Toronto Downtown Court, and telling the stories of those who work, who use, and are caught in...

Da Vinci's Inquest
Director, six episodes, including Three Hour Pilot for C.B.C.– 1998 and Two Hour Season Opener – 1999
Coroners, pathologists and homicide detectives inhabit a murky world as they attempt to solve...

Beggars And Choosers
Director, one episode, 2000.

Mysterious Ways
Director, one episode, 2000.

Cold Squad
Director, three episodes 1997-1998

Shirley Holmes
Director, pilot for mystery series aimed at young adults.

Jake And The Kid
Director, first two episodes.

North Of 60
Director, two episodes.

Mom P.I.
Director, two episodes.

Bradbury Theater
Director, The Martian, One in Anthology series based on Ray Bradbury short stories.

To Set Our House In Order
Director, Writer. One in Anthology series, half hour slot.

One's A Heifer
Co-Writer, Director. One in Anthology series, half hour drama, adaptation of a Sinclair Ross story.

A Change Of Heart
Director. A farm family in transition, and in particular a middle aged woman...

Teach Me To Dance
Director. About a friendship between two girls, one Ukrainian, one English set in 1919, Alberta.

Documentary Films