Edge of Madness

Edge of Madness began life as the short story A Wilderness Station by acclaimed Canadian writer Alice Munro. It is 1853 and the action starts as a young woman stumbles into the Fort Garry trading post. Almost half-mad after wandering through the wilderness for several days, the 18-year-old Annie claims to have murdered her husband, a 20-year-old pioneer. The young man who passes for a constable in this outback hamlet must try to determine who she is and what, if any, truth resides in her story.

The actual story is revealed slowly, inside her flashbacks, as he interrogates her. While locked up in the local jail and under investigation, Annie gradually unravels her story as she remembers it, trying to determine her own role in what happened.

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"Despite the fact that the talents involved are virtually unknown to American audiences, it may be among the best made films of 2002... It's almost a crime to deny it a theatrical release..."

"Edge of Madness is visually and technically polished, with cinematography that evokes the barrenness and utter solitude of the Canadian frontier; we soon see that under these conditions, a person could indeed turn to madness and murder."