Documentary Films

Children Of Alcohol
Half hour documentary produced for the N.F.B. About the situations encountered by young people whose parents have a drinking problem.

From Bears To Bartok
One hour documentary produced for the N.F.B. and the Banff School. About the Banff School of Fine Arts and Business Management.

Never A Dull Moment
Fifteen minute documentary produced by the N.F.B. About a self-appointed town crier who has been supported by his own community.

Welfare Mothers
Half hour documentary on the plight of women raising children on welfare. Produced for the N.F.B. (Challenge for Change).

Triangle Island
Twenty minute documentary produced for the N.F.B. About the fragile ecology of Canadian's western most Island.

Priory - The Only Home I've Got
Half hour documentary produced for the N.F.B. Life in a Extended Care Hospital in Victoria. Our society's approach to old age. BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - Canadian GENIE Awards, Toronto, 1979
RED RIBBON AWARD - American Film Festival, New York, 1979

Krajina And His Friends
Produced for the N.F.B., an internationally recognized ecologist fights to retain threatened forests throughout the world.

The Red Dress
Half hour produced by the N.F.B. about a Native girl's struggle with her father and her grandmother's traditional values.

Twenty minute documentary produced by the N.F.B. An encounter with a wise Shuswap woman born in the last century and has watched her world changing.
SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD - San Francisco Film Festival, 1978 BEST DIRECTION - A.M.P.I.A., 1978

Great Grand Mother
Half hour documentary produced for the National Film Board and Filmwest Associates about the settlement of the west from a woman's perspective.

Blue Ribbon Award - American Film Festival

Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary and Best Film of the Festival - A.M.P.I.A

Little Startlers
Ten minute documentary produced by Filmwest Associates in association with the Saddie Lake Reservation. About the legend of the same name.

A Grain Of Truth
Fifteen minute melodrama produced by Magpie Media. About a woman who marries, rises a family and finds out her legal rights too late.

Legs Apart
Anne Wheeler's four-minute hdtv short Legs Apart screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and stars Patricia Harras, Hrothgar Mathews, Tom Butler, Gabrielle Rose, Mackenzie Gray, Susan Hogan, Marjorie Malpass and Colleen Wheeler.